Senin, 25 Februari 2013

0 Cheat Engine Terbaru 2013

Cheat Engine 2013
Some people have been asking me why they can't use the speedhack in Chrome. That is because the chrome child process has no disk access (Limited user and untrusted mandatory level). It's pretty easy to make it usable again by changing a flag in the config, or just getting a different browser.
But for those that couldn't get it to work, or those that wish to know more about plugins, I've made a plugin for Cheat Engine showing off how to make a hybrid plugin that uses both the lua framework and the exposed plugin api to rewire the injectDLL routine (more specifically, the functions it uses) so that it can force load a dll into the target process without the process having disk access.

Manuel I. has updated his translation files and also attached a tutorial in spanish on how to use cheat engine.
Spanish/Castilian(es_ES) translation files
Again, just extract to your languages\ subfolder in the Cheat Engine folder, and adjust the .ini file if your windows language is not spanish

Terima Kasih Sudah Berkunjung !!!